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Re: Dynamically adding to $mailpath?

Andrey wrote:
> mailpath=((${$(echo ~/mail/*.spool(N))//(#m)*/$MATCH?You have new mail in
> ${MATCH:r:t}}))
> should work though. Unfortunately you still need one fork (echo) unless I
> miss some obvious way to treat result of nested globbing as array.

My attempt at this was along the lines of:

mailpath=( ~/mail/*.spool(e:'REPLY=( "${REPLY}?You have new mail in ${REPLY:t:r}")':) )

it doesn't need a fork but there seems to be a bug somewhere because I
get `zsh: unmatched "' errors. It's okay if I remove the :t:r modifiers

And running this twice in 4.1.0-dev-6 (but not in 4.0.2) causes a seg fault:
  echo *(e:'REPLY=( ${REPLY}?${REPLY} )':)

(I forgot to quote the ? when trying that)


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