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Re: Options for Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd?

On 3 Jan, you wrote:

> I always use a 'custom' version of _cd because:
>  - I don't want tab completion to consider $cdpath
>    (in fact, I hate when that happens!)

  zstyle ':completion:*:*:cd:*' tag-order local-directories

will do this for you. Or you could use:

  zstyle ':completion:*:*:cd:*' tag-order local-directories path-directories

to only complete directories from $cdpath when no local directories match.

In any context where more than one type of thing is completed, you can
press ^Xh and it will list the tags used for completion in that context
and you can specify the order for them to be completed.

>  - I like CVS and .svn directories to be ignored.

  zstyle ':completion:*:*:cd:*' ignored-patterns '(|*/)(.svn|CVS)'

> I achieve this by scrubbing out portions of _cd and then adding an -F
> option to _path_files. It would probably be better if I were to be able

If I remember correctly, the ignored-patterns style is implemented by
adding -F.

> to set some options in my .zshrc rather than rolling a new _cd with each
> release. What is the canonical or preferred way of passing options to
> completion functions? I can envisage being able to solve my $cdpath

Not sure. The preferred way is that we don't ever and a zstyle is made
to do the job.

> I'm willing to bother doing the necessary patches, but my prowess with
> zsh completion functions is at the novice end of the scale. (Having
> said that, though, I have a completion function for Subversion version
> control: _svn, which I should share sometime.)

Please do share it.


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