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RE: zsh HP-UX build problems

> Here a lot of the tests want to find a 'zpty' command which has not been
> built.  So I think there are two main bugs to report: the failure of the
> dynamic loading tests (or arguably the failure of --configure to
> autodetect
> that dynamic loading won't work), and the failure of the tests wanting
> 'zpty'.

You need zpty to run completion tests. It is just that nobody considered it
important enough to modify test handler to return something more meaningful
in this case.

Zpty is not built automatically for static version, you should modify
config.modules in build directory to include it in static build, do not
forget to run make prep after that, see comments in this files. But I am
afraid there were reports that zpty fails on HP-UX as well.

> % uname -a
> HP-UX lonhp02 B.11.11 U 9000/800 589734997 unlimited-user license
> What can I do to track down these bugs further?

The very first question - is HPUXDYNAMIC defined in config.h?


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