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RE: Passsing descriptions down in completion functions

> The general question - should completion functions ever accept (be used
> with) other options than compadd? If not the above is perfectly valid and
> probably more simple that modifying every single function. If yes, here is
> the list of functions that use _wanted without '-'.

Well, I started to look into these functions and immediately hit some


_wanted objectclasses expl 'object class' \
   _files -W ${ODMDIR:-/etc/objrepos} -g '^*.vc'

Here is just no place where I could stuff the magic "-". Granted, this one
does not pass arguments it receives but in general I do not see why it
should not do it.


if [[ CURRENT -eq 2 ]]; then
  _wanted commands expl command compadd "$@"
  _message 'no more arguments'

almost the same problem. In this case arguments contain both description and
matches so I have no way to stuff "-" in between.


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