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Re: And another strange behaviour...

    Hi Peter :)

> >     Why, even if I set MAGIC_EQUAL_SUBST, this doesn't work?:
> >     dd if=<tab>
> Are you using old fashioned compctl completions?  There's no
> special handling of this case; you need to look at the dd recipe,
> which you can find in Misc/compctl-examples.

    I'm using currently neither compctl nor new style completion, but
at some point in the past, setting magicequalsubst did the trick with
'dd', 'configure', and some of my programs, too. This is the reason
why I'm asking this. It's weird :???

    In the documentation says that when magicetc is set, then any
unquoted shell arg is eligible for file expansion, and I suppose this
is true, but, how about *completion*? How can I make that eligible
for completion *without* creating special recipes for the programs
that get arguments with '='?

    If I'm not wrong, no completion mechanism, neither compctl nor
the new system, is needed in order to make this work :?? Does MES
conflict with any other option (apart from KSH_TYPESET)?

    Thanks a lot for answering, Peter :)


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