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Re: Why this doesn't work in zsh?

    Hi Peter :)

> >     It has to work with both bash and zsh, but zsh says, when the
> > assignment is done, '* not found'.
> You can stick a backslash before the =; that works in bash, too, since
> you can quote any character, even if it's not special.

    OK, then, that's the solution :)) Thanks a lot :)

> The problem is that it's using path expansion `=prog', but I couldn't
> tell you why it should at that point; in fact, I suspect it shouldn't.
> Hence `setopt noequals' or `setopt nonomatch' would remove the problem,
> if you can live with the side effects.

    Yes, the problem is noequals, I discovered after sending the
message. I can live with side effects, of course, but the problem is
that I cannot tell the script users to set appropriate options when
running this on their systems. The better solution is to quote the
character. Thanks a lot :)))


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