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Re: PATCH: xmllint completion

On 18 Feb, Doug Kearns wrote:
> Here's a new completion function for xmllint which comes with the
> libxml2 library - http://xmlsoft.org/

Thanks, I've added this. We should perhaps clump it together with
_xsltproc in an _xmlsoft (any views?). An xmlcatalog completion if/when
written could go in there too.

On 4.1 only, I'll apply the following patch on top of it. It just makes
it call _webbrowser (formerly would have been _urls -f; see 16323)
instead of repeating the content of _webbrowser in a state. 16323 is not
on 4.0 so I'll just add in the missing `local state line
curcontext="$curcontext"' and _arguments -C for 4.0.


Index: _xmllint
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Completion/Unix/Command/_xmllint,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 _xmllint
--- _xmllint	18 Feb 2003 10:02:55 -0000	1.1
+++ _xmllint	18 Feb 2003 10:09:15 -0000
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
   '--nowrap[do not put HTML doc wrapper]' \
   '--valid[validate the document in addition to std well-formed check]' \
   '(--dtdvalid --relaxng)--postvalid[do a posteriori validation, i.e after parsing]' \
-  '(--postvalid --relaxng)--dtdvalid[do a posteriori validation against a given DTD]:DTD:->url' \
+  '(--postvalid --relaxng)--dtdvalid[do a posteriori validation against a given DTD]:DTD:_webbrowser' \
   '--timing[print some timings]' \
   '(--noout --output -o)'{--output,-o}'[save to a given file]:output file:_files' \
   '--repeat[repeat 100 times, for timing or profiling]' \
@@ -59,13 +59,5 @@
   '--dropdtd[remove the DOCTYPE of the input docs]' \
   '--stream[use the streaming interface to process very large files]' \
   '--chkregister[verify the node registration code]' \
-  '(--dtdvalid --postvalid)--relaxng[do RelaxNG validation against the schema]:schema:->url' \
-  '*:XML file:->url' && return
-if [[ "$state" = url ]]; then
-  _alternative \
-    'files:file:_files' \
-    'urls:url:_urls' && return
-return 1
+  '(--dtdvalid --postvalid)--relaxng[do RelaxNG validation against the schema]:schema:_webbrowser' \
+  '*:XML file:_webbrowser'

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