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Re: Cant fg a suspended su (4.1.0-dev-7)

On Feb 21,  1:07pm, Peter Whaite wrote:
} I've noticed that I cannot resume a suspened su session lately (It
} happened in 4.1.0-dev-6 as well). 
} There is approximately a 1 second pause between the contined and the
} suspended messages.  
} Any idea why the su command re-suspends after the continue?

It appears to be this loop in bin_suspend():

1669	    if (jobbing) {
1670		/* stay suspended */
1671		while (gettygrp() != mypgrp) {
1672		    sleep(1);
1673		    if (gettygrp() != mypgrp)
1674			kill(0, SIGTTIN);
1675		}
1676		/* restore signal handling */
1677		signal_ignore(SIGTTOU);
1678		signal_ignore(SIGTSTP);
1679		signal_ignore(SIGTTIN);
1680	    }

However, that code has been there forever [*] so the actual problem must
lie in some change that's been made to tty process group handling.  I
would tend to suspect that zsh-workers/17859 is the culprit.

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