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Re: Doc for compdef and #compdef is out of date

On 23 Feb, Bart wrote:
> There's no mention of `#compdef -T ...' or of what that translates into
> in the actual `compdef' command; there's also no mention of using a comma-
> separated list of context names [as is described under the entry for the
> `_complete' function].

#compdef -T does not exist. See the first paragraph of 16795. And, I'm
not sure what you mean by a comma-separated list of context names unless
you just mean the -redirect-,op,command and -value-,name,command forms.

Looking over the documentation for _complete and compdef/#compdef, it
all looks complete and up-to-date to me. Much of _complete's
documentation covering contexts should perhaps be moved to where compdef
is documented so that _complete's documentation can focus on how it fits
in relative to _expand, _approximate and other completers while
documenting the contexts near compdef makes it more obvious that the
names used with compdef can be contexts as well as command names.

Only thing which does seem to be missing is the -N option from the
compdef synopsis. Other than that, I can't see what I could add to it.

And just something I noticed in _complete's documentation, does anyone
know what the point of the $compcontext additions in 12449 and 12483
were. Where might you set compcontext to an array? I can sort-of
understand the use in _nslookup but that is the only use.


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