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Re: Bugs thrown up by _perforce

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> [_next_tags always inserts an unambiguous completion]
> You can fix this by changing the ins=unambiguous line to just ins= so
> that compstate[insert] remains empty but this changes _next_tags
> behaviour in other cases.

I'll test this out.

> I'm only an occasional _next_tags user so am not sure what the ideal
> behaviour would be. Does anyone want _next_tags to actually complete
> stuff ever?

I can't see why --- certainly not treat it as an unambiguous insertion,
fait accompli.  You can't even see what it's going to complete next.

> [an _arguments --- or any inner tags loop --- screws up _next_tags]
> I think the problem is that argument-rest is finding its way into
> _next_tags_not.
> Both foos and bars have the argument-rest tag for the first tag loop so
> both are excluded by _next_tags.
> So what should _next_tags do when we have nested tag loops? Advance inner
> before outer? Advance both together? Or something different entirely?

Um.  I'm still a bit vague as to how all this works.  Can we prevent
this behaviour happening with argument-rest?  After all, it's being
smuggled in behind our back anyway --- it's not specified either in the
styles, nor in the list of tags I'm explicitly generating.

Can we make the system remember we're in a nested loop?  And then inside
it can be more lenient?  Or some combination of the tow?  Or something?

I don't think I'm going to be much help here.

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