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Re: Memory leaks found by valgrind

Sorry I haven't had much of a chance to run valgrind with the latest patches,
particularly the one from Peter.  (Thanks Peter, though.)

I noticed that the termcap leak occurs even if I do what I consider to be
a no-op: TERM=$TERM
Doing that repeatedly could leak a bit of memory.  To me, it seems like a
pretty minor issue.

The only new leak I found was the following.   This I believe is related
to replace-string command.  When I tried that widget, I would get more
leaks.  (I haven't tried using other recent features/changes.)
 62 bytes in 62 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 5 of 13
    at 0x40165A60: malloc (vg_clientfuncs.c:100)
    by 0x8086275: zalloc (mem.c:490)
    by 0x810536C: set_prepost (zle_params.c:485)
    by 0x810541E: set_postdisplay (zle_params.c:515)
    by 0x808F7F4: setstrvalue (params.c:1608)
    by 0x8090BAC: assignsparam (params.c:1994)
    by 0x805F0A6: addvars (exec.c:1598)
    by 0x805CDC9: execsimple (exec.c:756)


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author