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Please don't forget to add tests

I felt I should mention that the most recent changes to the tests were about
3months ago, and that was just one test.  Before that, the most recent changes
were 5 to 6 months ago.  Everyone does a great job at updating documenation
when making changes, though the tests seem to be neglected.

There has been more recent activity with new features, completion code, and bug
fixes.  Look at the ChangeLog to get an idea of the changes over the last few
months.  Peter has started making noises about a release, so it seems like a
good time for people to also add more tests.

For folks who would like to contribute to zsh and haven't yet, adding new tests
would be very helpful.


P.S. Aren't there any shell test suites available?  Hopefully freely available.
If not, maybe someone who has to access to a non-free suite could provide
feedback.   Maybe time to create a new project, shell tests....

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author