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Re: zsh - hpux 11i prompt does not work

On Mar 18,  8:31pm, Manish Ahluwalia wrote:
} I use zsh on hpux. I have noticed a problem with zsh and hpux version
} 11i. I have tried zsh versions 3.0.5 and 4.0.4 with the same results.

Both this and the backspace problem are due to the HP-UX curses libraries.
The latest Etc/MACHINES file says this:

          Some of the special keys on the keyboard (backspace, delete)
          have been found to stop functioning.  One suggested fix is
          to alter the way the curses library is linked in the Makefile.
          Replacing `-lcurses' with `-lHcurses -lcurses' in the libraries
          is reported to fix.  An attempt to fix this in configure
          is apparently ineffective; more information would be appreciated
          as the maintainers do not have access to an HP-UX system.

The "apparently ineffective" configure patch (actually for the file
zshconfig.ac) is:

--- branch/zshconfig.ac      Wed Mar 19 07:51:26 2003
+++ current/zshconfig.ac     Sat Mar 15 09:29:15 2003
@@ -556,6 +563,7 @@
 dnl Prefer BSD termcap library to SysV curses library, except on certain
 dnl SYSV-derived systems.
+dnl On HPUX, Hcurses is reported to work better than curses.
 [  --with-curses-terminfo     use terminfo support from curses library],
 [if test x$withval = xyes; then
@@ -566,7 +574,7 @@
 [case "$host_os" in
-      termcap_curses_order="curses ncurses termcap" ;;
+      termcap_curses_order="Hcurses curses ncurses termcap" ;;
   *)             termcap_curses_order="termcap curses ncurses" ;;

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