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PATCH: extra loop tests

Tests for the enhanced `for' syntax as well as `select' which is now
testable (according to `cvs annotate', I fixed it all of three years ago,
except as we know it was broken for a large fraction of that time
because of the for-loop change.  A year is a short time in zsh

Extra tests gratefully received, as Felix reminded us, particularly for
interactive stuff (zle, completion) which I will not be attempting

When we finally get the multiple defined limits problem fixed, I will
produce a test version of 4.1.1.  If tests continue to trickle in, so
much the better.

Index: Test/A01grammar.ztst
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Test/A01grammar.ztst,v
retrieving revision 1.6
diff -u -r1.6 A01grammar.ztst
--- Test/A01grammar.ztst	17 Sep 2002 10:42:20 -0000	1.6
+++ Test/A01grammar.ztst	26 Mar 2003 14:07:06 -0000
@@ -136,6 +136,29 @@
+  for keyvar valvar in key1 val1 key2 val2; do
+     print key=$keyvar val=$valvar
+  done
+0:enhanced `for' syntax with two loop variables
+>key=key1 val=val1
+>key=key2 val=val2
+  for keyvar valvar stuffvar in keyA valA stuffA keyB valB stuffB; do
+     print key=$keyvar val=$valvar stuff=$stuffvar
+  done
+0:enhanced `for' syntax with three loop variables
+>key=keyA val=valA stuff=stuffA
+>key=keyB val=valB stuff=stuffB
+  for in in in in in stop; do
+    print in=$in
+  done
+0:compatibility of enhanced `for' syntax with standard syntax
   while (( name < 3 )); do
     print $name
@@ -208,18 +231,17 @@
-## This doesn't work, because zsh tries to read from the terminal
-## even in a non-interactive shell.  The manual implies it always reads
-## from stdin, even in an interactive shell.
-#  PS3="input> "
-#  select name in one two three; do
-#    print $name
-#  done
-#0:`select' loop
-#>1) one     2) two     3) three   
+## Select now reads from stdin if the shell is not interactive.
+## Its own output goes to stderr.
+  PS3="input> "
+  select name in one two three; do
+    print $name
+  done
+0:`select' loop
+?1) one     2) two     3) three   
+?input> input> 
   function name1 name2 () { print This is $0; }

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