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Re: PATCH: enhanced word widgets

On Mar 28, 11:26am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I've always been unsatisfied by zle's handling of words; I don't like
} the current $WORDCHARS mechanism very much.  I've come up with a more
} flexible widget based system.

I'd been working on something like that off-and-on, though I haven't got
as far as adding styles to it.  Maybe you can give an example of how to
do with your widgets what I have been trying to do with mine:

I want the definition of a "word" to be context-sensitive.  For example:
If the cursor is within a shell word that contains a "/" character, then
I want "ZLE words" to be pathname components (and transpose-words should
transpose around the nearest "/" either under the cursor or to the left);
but if the cursor is between two shell words, then I want "words" to be
shell words, e.g., pathnames including the slashes.

} By the way, I think something is a bit screwy at the moment in the
} handling of cursor positions in undo.

This has been an issue for a long time.  Undo almost never leaves the
cursor where it was before you "did," unless you were at the end of the
buffer the whole time.

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