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(Fwd) Re: getopts question

The latest zsh 4.1.x from CVS, and 4.0.x, both print "1" for the test script
quoted below.  Apparently they should print "2".  Commentary?

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Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:03:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Korn <dgk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: shell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: getopts question

Subject: Re: getopts question

> What is the following script supposed to print if invoked as `foo -a'?
> --- snip ---
> #!/bin/sh
> while getopts : f
> do
>     case "$f" in
>     \?)  break;;
>     esac
> done
> echo $OPTIND
> --- snip ---
> On every version of bash but the most recent it printed 1.
> On ash and pdksh it prints 1.
> Chet tells me that 2 is the right thing to print, since recent
> versions of att-ksh print 2 and the posix manual says so.
> This breaks historical practice and is a pain to detect. What's
> the rationale behind the change? I would assume since getopts
> actually did not parse something successfully, it should not
> increment $OPTIND?
> christos

This came up in 1995 when shell conformance tests were being
run on ksh, and I was forced to change the behavior then.

I tried to argue that the behavior was not specified, but  they
disputed my claim.  I have included some e-mail below.
It looks like we are stuck with 2 being the correct behavior.

>> getopts:
>> A while back I had mentioned that some VSC getopts tests failed because
>> OPTIND wasn't incremented after reading a non-option.  The test writers
>> disputed my argument (based on your mail) that the behavior wasn't well
>> specified for error conditions.  They cited POSIX 4.27.2, lines 4631-4633
>> among the evidence that the behavior is specified.  After several exchanges
>> I was convinced by their arguments and made the following change to
>> optget() in libast/misc/optget.c:

Lines 4631-4633 state.
"Each time it is invoked, the getopts utility shall place the value of
the next option in the shell variable specified by the name operand and
the index of the next argument to be processed in the shell variable

David Korn
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