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Re: PATCH: fix menu completion on terminal with do=^J/without do

Andrey Borzenkov <arvidjaar@xxxxxxx> typed:
: Standard termcap for Linux console defines "do" (down_cursor) as ^J.  Zsh 
: init_term ignores it in this case (Geoff, could you enlighten why it does 
: it?); it then provides workaround in zle_refresh by actually using ^J but 
: moving cursor to needed column then.

Limiting the vagaries arrising out of tty post-processing.  In this
case, someone could have their tty settings (see "stty") such that CTRL-J
maps to CTRL-M CTRL-J which would make the TERM/termcap entry incorrect.
BTW, it's existed since version 2.0

: Unfortunately complist is using termcap directly and thus outputs no 
: down_cursor at all but believes it has moved to correct line.
: The patch exports tc_downcurs and makes complist using it. I refrain from 
: removing ^J code in init_term not knowing reasons or possible implications.

I'll look at it tomorrow (since I have just come back from the pub now)

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