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prompt themes

I had been playing around with prompt themes a bit and I noticed a couple of things.

prompt_X_preview doesn't print the first or last blank line. This means the person writing the prompt theme would have to print the blank lines between sample settings without printing the first or last. Whoever is writing the function also has to check "if (( ! $#* ));" to see if the user passed in any parameters himself. Each prompt_X_preview function will have a lot of duplicate code.

In the interest of consolidating all of the code and logic to one place and also to make it easier for a person to set up a preview for their theme, I'd like to create a patch for the prompt theming (and it's themes) that that causes prompt_X_preview to return a list of settings in $reply (or $REPLY). (Is the lowercase preferred for an array of values?)

Ideally prompt_X_preview would look like this:
prompt_X_preview() {
  reply=' singleparameter "param1 param2" "param1 param2" '

Also prompt_X_help could also be changed to set $reply for consistency sake.

Anyone interested in seeing this? Is it best to just send the diffs to the mailing list? There would be a lot of them, one for each prompt theme and one for promptinit.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author