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Re: 4.1.1 doesn't compile

Tomi Vainio - Sun Finland wrote:
> I also found another problem but this time only when I try to compile
> 32bit binary.
> Compiler is Sun ONE Studio 8, Compiler Collection
>             cc: Sun C 5.5 Patch 112760-01 2003/05/18 
> cc -c -I. -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -xO4  -o compat.o compat.c
> "compat.c", line 441: variable length array can not be declared with a static storage class: llbuf
> cc: acomp failed for compat.c

This I can't reproduce. The compiler I have is older than that.

The line in question is:
     static char llbuf[DIGBUFSIZE];
and system.h defines:
     #define DIGBUFSIZE ((int)(((sizeof(zlong) * 8) - 1) * 0.30103) + 3)

So quite why the compiler thinks it has a variable length array I
don't understand. Could you perhaps try substituting that in directly
and see if you can tweak it to work. The int cast might be causing the
problem in which case the * 0.30103 could perhaps be changed to * 30103
/ 100000. But I don't understand what the calculation is doing. Anyone
else have any idea?


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