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Re: Bug in autocompletion in CVS

Vincent Driessen wrote:
> I discovered a small bug in the version in pkgsrc/zsh. In a directory that
> contains filenames with spaces, you cannot use the tabcompletion properly whe
> n
> issueing a CVS command, for example, with these commands:
> % /foo> ls
> CVS/          foo
> bar           this is a file name with spaces
> % /foo> cvs upd th[TAB]
> The filename part of the command is only expanded until the "this".

Bang to rights... I think the following simplified version works,
although I don't really know why it was so complicated in the first
place, so please say if this has side effects.

I think there may be a similar problem when checking for modified files,
but as the test is currently

    [[ -n ${pat::="${(@j:|:)${(@)${(@)${(@)${(@)${(@)${(@M)${(@f)"$(<"$realdir"CVS/Entries)"}:#/*}#/}/${slash}[^${slash}]#${slash}//}%/[^/]#/[^/]#}:#${(j:|:)~${${${${(f)"$(LC_ALL=C builtin stat -gn +mtime -F '%a %b %e %T %Y' ${realdir}*(D) 2>/dev/null)"}##*/}/ //}//(#m)[][*?()<|^~#\\]/\\$MATCH}}}%%/*}//(#m)[][*?()<|^~#\\]/\\$MATCH}"} ]] &&
    _wanted files expl 'modified file' _path_files -g "$pat"

I don't feel like investigating more closely at the moment.  (Is that
the World's Longest Ever Shell Substitution?)

Index: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs,v
retrieving revision 1.19
diff -u -r1.19 _cvs
--- Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs	8 May 2003 10:30:48 -0000	1.19
+++ Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs	3 Jul 2003 11:20:40 -0000
@@ -912,8 +912,8 @@
   [[ -f "$realdir"CVS/Entries ]] &&
-  [[ -n ${pat::="${(@j:|:)${(@)${(@)${(@)${(@M)${(@f)"$(<"$realdir"CVS/Entries)"}:#/*}#/}%%/*}//(#m)[][*?()<|^~#\\]/\\$MATCH}}"} ]] &&
-  _wanted files expl file _path_files -g "$pat"
+  pat=(${(@)${(@)${(@M)${(@f)"$(<"$realdir"CVS/Entries)"}:#/*}#/}%%/*})
+  (( ${#pat} )) && _wanted files expl file _path_files -a pat
 (( $+functions[_cvs_modified_entries] )) ||

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