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Re: zstyle example

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> The problem occurs on line 31 of _files which is:
>   for i in ${tmp//%p/${${glob:-\*}//:/\\:}}; do
> Changing it to:
>   for i in ${tmp//\%p/${${glob:-\*}//:/\\:}}; do
> allows it to work again but I can't see any good reason why the `%'
> should need to be quoted so I assume that this is a bug introduced with
> the recent changes to quoting in these substitutions.

Ah, it's because of the fix that //% didn't do the same as what /% did
--- they should both treat the % specially as an instruction to anchor
the match at the end of the string.  Logically, it should also have been
quoted, so this fix is correct.  (I find it an annoying notation for
just this sort of reason; zsh's substitution flags are much neater, but
this form is compatible with other shells.)

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