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Re: qconfirm enabled

    Hi Martin :)

 * Martin Dalum <garfield@xxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> We have enabled qconfirm for zsh-workers@xxxxxxxxxxx

    Nice, but, does that mean that current subscriber must confirm
their messages too or just non-subscribers? I don't know how qconfirm
works for lists :??

    Anyway, with qconfirm any non-subscriber must send two messages
for every message he/she wants to send. With just one or two messages
this is not an issue, but for higher traffic, won't be shorter,
faster and more effective to subscribe? That's two messages for
subscribing and two for unsubscribing, but in the interim no
duplicates are needed.

    I encourage non-subscriber to subscribe, certainly. The list is
low traffic and quite interesting (well, except the effin spam thing,
you know...).

    Thanks for helping with the spam issue.

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

Linux Registered User 88736
http://www.pleyades.net & http://raul.pleyades.net/

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