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Re: Preventing sorting in completers

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Jul 12,  7:49pm, Philippe Troin wrote:
> } 
> } zstyle ":completion:*:processes" command \
> }   'ps -u $UID -o ''pid tty s args'' --forest'
> Hmm.  When I try to use that set of "ps" arguments, I get no completions
> at all.  Some investigation reveals that "ps" is giving
> ERROR: TTY could not be found.

My guess is your system is using stdout to decide what the tty is, which
is explicitly closed.  Try using 1>&2 on the ps command line.  (Or
something gets closed.  Is it stdin?  Anyway, reopen it.)

> You need to edit the _pids function and change the line
>  _wanted processes expl 'process ID' compadd "$@" "$desc[@]" "$all[@]" -a pid
> s && ret=0
> To
>  _wanted -V processes expl 'process ID' compadd "$@" "$desc[@]" "$all[@]" -a 
> pids && ret=0
> Bonus points for making use of the "sort" style and submitting a patch ...

This -J/-V business always got me really confused.  The documentation
for _wanted says it takes the same arguments as _requested.  _requested
doesn't say anything about its arguments, but _description, which is
down there underneath, does say how it handles them.  Passing them down
is a bit of a nightmare.

I suspect what we want to do is test for an explicitly set sort style in
_description and used that to override the default.  Then we can all
forget about tweaking the functions.

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