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Completion function installation

At what point do we need to think of a better mechanism for providing
and installing completion functions?  Things which occur to me include

- people won't mind if the completion function directory is the odd
  megabyte, but won't want it to grow indefinitely with functions they
  never use
- however, very few people will bother to configure which functions get
  installed even if we provide a more sophisticated mechanism (it can
  already be done by editing config.modules)
- it's useful to be able to add newly written functions to existing
  installations easily (of course fpath means this is pretty trivial
  for anyone with any shell knowledge)
- it's useful to be able to find functions for newly installed commands
  which are specialised enough not to have completions supplied with
  the shell.

All that suggests having something like CPAN for completion functions,
but that's a lot of work and I doubt we'll get volunteers.  Adding
completions supplied by users is always going to take real work by real
human beings.  I think we have to live with the current mechanism for

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