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PATCH: new cdrecord completion

#compdef cdrecord

local curcontext="$curcontext" state line
local devices btypes

_arguments -C \
  '-version[print version information]' \
  '*-d[increase debug level]' \
  \*{-verbose,-v}'[increase verbosity level]' \
  \*{-Verbose,-V}'[increase scsi command transport verbosity level]' \
  '(-silent -s)'{-silent,-s}'[do not print a status report for failed scsi commands]' \
  '-setdropts[set driver specific options and exit]' \
  '-checkdrive[check if a driver for the device is present]' \
  '-prcap[print drive capabilities for MMC compliant drives]' \
  '-inq[do an inquiry for the drive and exit]' \
  '-scanbus[scan the scsi bus and exit]' \
  '-reset[reset the scsi bus with the cdrecorder]' \
  '-overburn[allow writing of more than the official size of a medium]' \
  '-ignsize[ignore the known size of a medium (may cause problems)]' \
  '-useinfo[use .inf files to overwrite audio options]' \
  '-format[format a CD-RW/DVD-RW/DVD+RW disc]' \
  '-load[load the disk and exit]' \
  '-lock[load and lock disc in tray loader]' \
  '-eject[eject the disk after doing the work]' \
  '-dummy[do everything with laser turned off]' \
  '-msinfo[retrieve multi-session info for mkisofs]' \
  '-toc[retrieve and print TOC/PMA data]' \
  '-atip[retrieve and print ATIP data]' \
  '-multi[generate a TOC that allows multi session]' \
  '-fix[fixate a corrupt or unfixated disk]' \
  '-nofix[do not fixate disk after writing tracks]' \
  '-waiti[wait until input is available before opening SCSI]' \
  '-immed[try to use scsi IMMED flag]' \
  '-force[force continuation on some errors]' \
  '-dao[set disk at once mode]' \
  '-raw[set raw writing mode]' \
  '-raw96r[write disk in raw/raw96r mode]' \
  '-raw96p[write disk in raw/raw96p mode]' \
  '-raw16[write disk in raw/raw16 mode]' \
  '-text[write CD-Text from .inf/.cue files]' \
  '*-audio[subsequent tracks are CD-DA audio tracks]' \
  '*-data[subsequent tracks are CD-ROM data mode 1 (default)]' \
  '*-mode2[subsequent tracks are CD-ROM data mode 2]' \
  '*-xa[subsequent tracks are CD-ROM XA mode 2 form 1 - 2048 bytes]' \
  '*-xa1[subsequent tracks are CD-ROM XA mode 2 form 1 - 2056 bytes]' \
  '*-xa2[subsequent tracks are CD-ROM XA mode 2 form 2 - 2324 bytes]' \
  '*-cdi[subsequent tracks are CDI tracks]' \
  '-isosize[use iso9660 file system size for next data track]' \
  '(-nopreemp)-preemp[audio tracks are mastered with 50/15 preemphasis]' \
  '(-preemp)-nopreemp[audio tracks are mastered with no preemphasis (default)]' \
  '-copy[audio tracks have unlimited copy permission]' \
  '-nocopy[audio tracks may only be copied once for personal use]' \
  '-scms[audio tracks will not not have any copy permission at all]' \
  '(-nopad)-pad[pad tracks]' \
  '(-pad)-nopad[do not pad data tracks (default)]' \
  '*-shorttrack[subsequent tracks may be non Red Book if in DAO mode]' \
  '*-noshorttrack[subsequent tracks must be >= 4 seconds]' \
  '-swab[audio data source is byte-swapped (little-endian/Intel)]' \
  '*: :->values'

if [[ -n $state ]]; then
  _tags values files
  while _tags; do
    if _requested values && (( ! ${#words[2,CURRENT-1]:#(-*|*=*)} )); then
      _values -C -s ' ' 'option' \
	'dev[specify scsi device to use]:device:->device' \
	'gracetime[set grace time before starting to write]:time (seconds)' \
	'timeout[set default scsi timeout]:timeout (seconds)' \
	'debug[specify debug level]:debug level' \
	{kdebug,kd}'[specify kernel debug level]:debug level' \
	'driver[user supplied driver name]:drive' \
	'driveropts[a comma separated list of driver specific options]:driver options' \
	'speed[set speed of drive]:speed' \
	'blank[blank a CD-RW disc]:blank type:->blank' \
	'fs[set fifo size]:size' \
	'tsize[length of valid data in next track]:length' \
	'padsize[amount of padding for next track]:amount of padding' \
	'pregap[amount of pre-gap sectors before next track]:amount' \
	'defpregap[amount of pre-gap sectors for all but first track]:amount' \
	'mcn[set media catalog number for this CD]:text' \
	'isrc[set isrc number for the next track]:text' \
	'index[set the index list for the next track]:list' \
	'textfile[set the file with CD-Text data]:name:_files -g "*.inf"' \
	'cuefile[set the file with CDRWIN CUE data]:name:_files -g "*.cue"' && ret=0
    _requested files expl track _files && ret=0
    (( ret )) || break
  case $state in
      devices=( ${(f)"$(_call_program device cdrecord -scanbus 2>/dev/null \
          |grep '^  '|cut -c2-6,23-|sed 's/ /:/')"} )
      _describe -t devices device devices && return
        'help:display list of available blanking types'
	${${${${(f)"$(_call_program blank-types cdrecord blank=help 2>&1)"}[2,-1]}#?}/[[:blank:]]##/:}
      _describe -t blank-types 'blanking type' btypes && return

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