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Re: Can Zsh do this for me?

    Hi Jason :)

 * Jason Price <jprice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> BTW: if you're re-writing linux PS as a shell script to learn a lot of
> linux and zsh internals, go right ahead.  If you're just annoyed by how it
> works, take a long look through the man page.

    I've done. Hundreds of times. And I'm still feared with the
number of options... Well, I must say that my procps comes from a
Debian 1.3.1, and since then obviously it has gone better.

> It's amazingly powerful and flexable.

    IMHO, is amazingly bloated. Currently, new versions of procps are
cleaner, faster, etc... but much of the bloat remains. The cause is
not procps, nor Albert, but the compatibility with all flavors of ps
out there: BSD, SysV, etc...

> It looks like you were using the BSD flavor of args.

    Yes, is a question of habits (bad ones, I suppose). I have been
using Linux since 1994 or so, and I've always used BSD flavor of ps.

> ps.  The only thing that competes with ls for number of options.

    You are definitely true ;))))

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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