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Re: Problem with an exported array

On Sep 22,  7:44pm, DervishD wrote:
} > As I said before, there's nowhere in struct param to store the
} > character; else it's not that hard.  Maybe you can see a trick.
}     Surely I'm clueless, but other options in other builtins have
} characters or numbers following an option: where are they stored?

By "stored" PWS here means "preserved for the entire life of the
variable, so that every time $pager is assigned we remember what to
use to transform it to $PAGER."

Other commands only have to "store" the option for the lifetime of
the command execution, not potentially forever.  There's a generic
mechanism for that, shared by all builtin commands.

If the only choices are colon or space, a one-bit boolean flag in an
existing flag word is sufficient; if it's a character (or a function)
that has to be stored in some new location that doesn't yet exist.

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