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Re: Problem with an exported array

Wayne Davison wrote:
> Here's my trick: use "ct" (it's already multi-use).  A tied variable is
> already excluded from being a special type of integer, so my change just
> excludes the "ct" from being taken as a field width.  See if you can see
> any problems with this.

This does break the existing function,

% typeset -T FOO foo
% foo=(bar rod)
% typeset -R 15 FOO
% print $FOO

and (unless you've taken special steps to fix it) you run the risk of
the ct element being used for both when you request `typeset -R 15 FOO'.

However, you only need eight bits (until we have wide characters, which
is another future nightmare) and ct is at least 32, so it's

I would be tempted to add -S as a single flag now and wait until we have
a better (virtual) interface to the parameters, then add a more
general flag.  As Oliver says, a different option letter would be more
appropriate for the general case anyway.

Eventually, I'd like struct param to become opaque to code outside
params.c and use something like a single (vtable-style) pointer for
type-specific bits.

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