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Re: [OT] Can anybody send mail to Karsten?

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I tried sending a complaint about these silly "netlib syntax error"
> messages that come back from every zsh-workers post, but I got a
> qconfirm quarantine message from <karthy@xxxxxxxxxx>.  Replying to the
> qconfirm message returns a no-such-address error, so he's got something
> seriously misconfigured.

Normally staff@xxxxxxxxxx would be the place to send administrative
requests. Though I have updated zsh-workers-owner and zsh-users-owner so
it now points at staff@xxxxxxxxxx

> If any of you can regularly correspond with Karsten, or know of a way to
> get someone else to read the equivalent of
> <zsh-workers-admin@xxxxxxxxxx> and take action, would you please request
> that the research.bell-labs.com address be deleted from the subscriber
> list?

I'll look into this.

> And if any of you happens to be a subscriber AT research.bell-labs.com,
> maybe you could clarify which addresses are likely to be directed to the
> netlib daemon?
> Thanks.

/Claus A
SunSITE.dk Staff

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