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completion function changes

I'm about to commit another completion function cleanup change. Not as
big as the one in July but like before I haven't attached a patch
because it would be long and boring.

Changes are:
  _subversion: various improvements
      (Clint: this includes fix of Debian bug #202185)
  _mondo and _urpmi: were missing `(( ret )) || break' in tag loops
  _mount: update (mostly for Linux)
  _wget: update to version 1.9.1
  _diff_options: update to GNU diff 2.8.4 and add -u on Solaris 9
  _xmlsoft: update to latest version and complete for catalog env var
and minor changes to _grep, _mh, _rsync, _alias, _precommand

Also I've altered _w3m, removing the new separate _w3mhistory. (I was
away when the recent discussion was going on.) Factoring out _w3mhistory
just so _alternative can be used instead of a tag loop isn't particularly
nice. _alternative should be kept for the simple cases when you don't
need that. Also _urls' -f option has gone in 4.1 and Command/_w3mhistory
should have been Type/_w3mhist.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author