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Re: new builtin 'help'

[On 14 Nov, @15:34, DervishD wrote in "Re: new builtin 'help' ..."]
>     Hi Miek :)
>  * Miek Gieben <miekg@xxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> > after having used bash for 8 years i've switch to zsh. Boy, what a 
> > difference :-)
>     Yes ;))
> > But one of the things i missed was a 'help' builtin function.
>     Me too! But certainly I can't live without it ;)
> > It just prints out the files in /usr/share/zsh/help/ when the help
> > builtin is used. The path is currently hardcoded.
>     And it shouldn't... How about taking it from a environment
> variable? I mean, this way you can use the help shipped with zsh, or
> other if you want to.

that is an option, but I would have thought that such a path is
set at compile time. So maybe using a configure-var is what is needed.
OTOH using an ENV var is also nice and clean.

>     IMHO, and taking into account that I don't decide, of course, is
> a very good idea... Anyway, this can be implemented in a shell
> function, is not necessary doing that in a builtin...

true, but I felt liking coding in C ;-) (and in the same hold for bash btw,
it could also be a function there)

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