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Re: PATCH: (4.0.7) terminfo echo ti args

Clint Adams wrote:
> This (except for the ERR define) has been part of the Debian package for
> quite some time now.  I imagine that it won't do much for the
> portability problems.

> +/* If ERR isn't defined, we probably have bigger problems,
> + * but try this anyway. */
> +# ifndef ERR
> +#  define ERR (-1)
> +# endif

Well, doing that would fix the compile problem that has been mentioned
for FreeBSD and that I have on my Debian machine. Not the nicest way
but it'd work just as long as no system uses something other than -1
for ERR.

The rest of this looks like the 4.1 patch for echoti to take arguments.
It lacks the changes I made in 18626 in response to the thread starting
at 18544. I take it from the subject line that you're suggesting this
is applied to 4.0. I really don't think we should be making changes
like this on the 4.0 branch. Especially not this shortly before a 4.0.8
release. terminfo/termcap are one of the more common causes of
portability problems and 4.0 is at least working at the moment.


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