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RE: autoconf 2.5 (Re: PATCH: terminfo horor)

> The configure script is creating config.modules twice. Second time
> round when evaluating $link using the code in terminfo.mdd,
> $ac_cv_func_tigetstr was unset. It seems the configure script runs
> config.status. By running configure with --no-create, it was happy to
> build terminfo.so. Switching from autoconf 2.57 to 2.13 also solved the
> issue.

looking in current zshconfig.ac it should not do it unless something else is

> configure cats config.modules.sh into config.status using
> AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS which is obsolete in autoconf 2.5. Using the new
> AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS doesn't help because variables like
> $ac_cv_func_tigetstr are still not set.
> Does anyone understand the real point of config.status? Why does
> configure need to run it? I get the impression that it should contain
> just a duplicate of what is in config.modules as created and recreate
> it as opposed to rerunning scripts to derive its contents.

I do not remember if it was me who put it in. Anyway

- autoconf 2.13 creates output files as the final step in running configure.
It is using environment variables CONFIG_FILES et al to pass information
which files are to be created further down

- autoconf 2.5 does not create anything in configure. Instead the sole point
of configure script is to create config.status - and it is config.status
that finally does (should do) the job of creating files, making
substitutions etc

apparently zshconfig.ac  tries to detect 2.5 by checking if
$CONFIG_FILES$CONFIG_HEADERS is empty; if it is it dumps config.modules.sh
into config.status. Hmm ... and runs it once more after that ... that looks

> We really ought to ditch support for autoconf 2.13 in the 4.1 branch.
> Not having a mixture will just make things simpler.

yes. 2.5 makes many things simpler and more consistent. OTOH I remember I
have tried to switch over to 2.5 way - doing job in config.status - and
failed for some reasons (do not remember exactly) - I guess I attempted to
move creation of all makefiles into config.status instead of creating
makefiles during make run. Also it definitely was not portable across

we could try it once more if 2.13 compatibility is not an issue.


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