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jobs not listing all commands

The jobs command seems to have a problem if there is a gap in job numbers. 
I've started noticing this recently, though it could be more because  I've
added "%j" to my prompt.  I'm running from the latest CVS.   Also, when
configuring zsh I use "--enable-max-jobtable-size=100 --enable-zsh-debug". 
Output below shows that %4 command exists, but the jobs command doesn't list it
when there is a gap in the job table...  The 

ps also note another "bug" with "%j" and the prompt.  when the sleep finishes,
the prompt doesn't update. 

Part of my configuration:
prompt="j=%j felix@ "
alias j="jobs -l"

j=3 felix@ sleep 10 &
j=4 felix@ alias j='jobs -l'
j=4 felix@ j
[1]    28730 suspended  vim script.sh
[2]  + 29134 suspended  vim text
[3]    29443 running    sleep 10
[4]  - 29439 suspended  vim settings.sh
j=4 felix@
[3]    done       sleep 10
j=4 felix@ jobs
[1]    suspended  vim script.sh
[2]  + suspended  vim text
j=3 felix@

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author