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Re: jobs not listing all commands

--- Bart Schaefer <scschaeferrbrasslanternom> wrote:
> On Feb 16, 11:58pm, Felix RoRosencrantzrote:
> } pspslso note another "bug" with "%j" and the prompt. when the sleep
> } finishes, the prompt doesn't update. 
> Prompts don't update between two interactive commands, ever, no matter
> what the reason.  The prompt string is computed when ZLZLEnitializes
> (just before it is first printed) and is thereafter used verbatim until
> the next re-initialize.

What I read is that is how it works now. I'm wondering if zszshould be changed
so that it does regenerate the prompt between commands?
-  Is there some standard that this behavior matches?
-  Do people believe this is the best/most useful behavior?
-  Would it be difficult to change zszsho regenerate the prompt when it is
redrawn (such as when job status is printed)?
- Could a redraw be forced by events such as typing through a "zlzleedraw
prompt" command within a zlzleidget?

I ask since I think it would be useful to have the prompt update on demand and
as it is redrawn.  Some examples:
- asasynchronousvents (such as jobs completing)
- ability to report on zlzletatus that could change due to typing (current vi
mode/kekeymapprediction on/off, last completer used)
-ability to do things like change directory from zlzleidgets and have the
prompt reflect a new cwcwd


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