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Re: Capitalization of 'url' completion descriptions

Doug Kearns wrote:
> I was just about to capitalize all the 'url' completion descriptions
> when I noticed that the the lowercase version appears to be in the clear
> majority...
> Is this intentional?

Probably mostly my fault. It was intentional that descriptions don't
use initial capitals and full stops. In part as a result, I tend to be
in the habit of using all lowercase. And because I don't like too much
use of capitals. You're probably right that it should be PDF and URLs
etc, though. And we ought to be consistent. So I'm happy for you to go
ahead and change it. Other things like tag names should, in my opinion,
stay lowercase.

While you're there "display this usage screen" for --help in _raggle
isn't ideal because the completion list of options is not "this usage
screen". We ought to be consistent in how we describe common options
like --help too.


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