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Re: problem deleting special chars

Hi Oliver,

thanks for your hint, this helped.

You are right, I did not restart xterm with the new LANG setting. With
that I can delete my umlauts corectly.

So I will use just "en_US" for my LANG setting.

Thanks again and have a nice day

Oliver Kiddle wrote:
"Hartwig, Thomas" wrote:

since my installation of zsh 4.1.1, I have problems deleting special chars in the shell. I use german layout keyboard and deleting of umlauts like "ä", "ü" does not work any more. If I want to delete such a char I have to press the backspace key twice and the position of the cursor is broken. I used zsh version below 4.0 before, so I can't tell exactly at which version this happend. This is independent from the settings of the shell, I tested this without a zshrc as well.

Unfortunately, zsh doesn't have full support for the UTF-8 character
encoding. It is also the case that it never has done. Did you upgrade
more than just zsh? Having to press backspace twice makes sense
because, characters like ä are represented using 2 bytes in UTF-8.

$ echo $LANG
en_US.UTF-8 (other language settings tested as well)

To try other language settings, did you just assign to LANG? The
trouble is that your xterm is probably running in the UTF-8 locale and
changing LANG from zsh won't change that. LANG needs to be set in
xterm's environment when it runs.


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