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Re: PATCH: tla completion

Clint Adams wrote:
> > Please take a look at my tla completion at
> > http://www.people.iup.edu/bclg/zsh-completion--tla-1.1.tar.gz . It's
> > probably horrendous from a Z-Shell expert's point of view, and it's for
> > tla 1.1, but it is pretty complete and offers completion for most tla
> > arguments, including archive and library revisions, configs, and
> > patch-logs.
> Wow, that's a bit longer than mine.  Which parts of the completion
> functions are copyrighted by Tom Lord?

The only things copyrighted by Tom are the option descriptions in
{commands,options}.zsh. I'm not sure they're really copyrightable, but I
gave him credit anyway. He didn't directly contribute anything
otherwise. Most of the functions in completions.zsh have work from Erik
Toubro Nielsen, and some of those in commands.zsh have work from him and
Rob Weir. Looking at my files, I see my attributions are a bit sloppy ;-)

> Are you going to do an update for tla 1.2?

I have no plans to for the time being, simply because the 1.1 version
works pretty well with 1.2. The only changes needed should be to update
the commands which have changed or been added.

Jason McCarty <bclg@xxxxxxx>

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