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Re: PATCH: zpty on HP/UX

mneptok wrote:
> The version of zsh included with MacOS X.3.x seems to have a functional 
> zpty.
> [mneptok@anubis] mneptok :: zpty -L
> zpty ls -l
> zpty date date
> [mneptok@anubis] mneptok ::

But can you read from the commands. i.e. if you do:
  zpty date date
  zpty -r date
will the second command print the date or will it exit with a status of
1. In my tests on the Sourceforge machines, I can get as far as adding
a few commands but I can't read from them.

If reading does work, what version of zsh is it? It is just possible we
had it working before. If we didn't, tracking down the person at Apple
and getting the fixes would definitely be useful, thanks.

If you build zsh on MacOS X.3, does it build the dynamic modules
without your having to install the dlcompat library? The zshs included
with 10.1 and 10.2 have dynamic modules disabled so there is no zpty.
It'd be interesting to know if Apple have added a dlopen interface for


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