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Re: Crash of 4.2.0-dev-1

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
: I presume of 4.2.0 also.  Reproduce as follows:
: (1) Create a file "kshtest" in a directory in fpath.  This file should NOT
: define the function "kshtest", that is, it's not a valid ksh-autoloadable
: file (but we're going to autoload it ksh-style anyway).

Any specific kshtest example for us?

% echo 'echo foo' > /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions/kshtest
% zsh -f
% setopt kshautoload
% autoload +X -k kshtest
% kshtest
% kshtest
% which kshtest
kshtest () {
        echo foo

: (3) Observe the [correct] error:
: 	zsh: kshtest: function not defined by file

I don't understand why this is the correct error since you  setopt kshautload.
Also, I haven't yet understood why it was run twice in my case (but I've been
sick so maybe my brain isn't working properly yet).

: (4) Memory is now corrupted.  At some point soon, usually but not always
: during printing of the next prompt, the shell will crash in malloc().

I'm still going.  Haven't seen any memory problems yet.  Note that I use
the  --enable-zsh-mem* args to configure.

Geoff Wing

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