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While we're on the subject of zcompile ...

On Apr 12, 11:43pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Bart wrote:
} > Matthias has since written back to me again and says he's having all
} > sorts of problems with zcompile'd functions
} I've had problems with it in the past so it probably needs more
} investigation.

I find the behavior of "zcompile -a" (with no arguments) to be extremely
annoying.  There should be a way to say "dump all the functions you can,
and ignore the ones that are already loaded or can't be loaded" rather
than having it die entirely (blowing away the dump done so far) the first
time it encounters an un-dumpable function.

For one thing, if I've said "zcompile -a" with no arguments, then the
chances are pretty good that I didn't intend for it to even try to dump
already-loaded functions; if I wanted both, I'd have used "-c -a".  For
another, there's no way to tell in advance whether a function is going
to fail to autoload, so it's practically impossible to create a list of
names to pass as arguments.

The questions are whether it's cur_add_func() that should be taught to
ignore the error, or build_cur_dump(), and whether it should happen any
time there are no arguments, or there should be a flag to cause errors
to be ignored.

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