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Re: PATCH: Re: Compsys and KSH_AUTOLOAD

On Apr 13,  5:29pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} It's not in the patch but I've tried replacing `autoload -U' with
} `autoload -Uz' in compinit/compdump and new completion seems to then
} work with kshautoload set. Should I make that change?

I think so.

} In addition to documentation changes, I also need to make the new
} options work for functions and typeset -f. Shouldn't running just
} `functions -U' restrict the listed options to those with PM_UNALIASED
} set?

That'd be nice.

} At the moment, it isn't entirely consistent with typeset. What
} should `functions +U' do?

List only the names of the functions with PM_UNALIASED set, whereas -U
lists the entire definition (such as it is).

} > Here's a possibly-silly idea:  Those flags could be made to apply to
} > arrays as well as functions
} It's not a bad idea, if it isn't hard to implement. Can you think of
} cases where you would want a zero-based array?

Well, if you have ksh_autoload set, then chances are you're loading some
ksh functions, which means you probably also have ksh_arrays set.  So the
real question is whether there are cases where one would want one-based
arrays; the opposite is just for logical symmetry.

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