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The file-sort style is broken

schaefer[512] echo $^fpath/_zip(N)
schaefer[513] unzip -<TAB>
No matches for `zip file'

(Huh?  Why is it trying to complete a zip file after a hyphen, rather
than completing options?)

schaefer[513] ls                                                          
editor_1.5.zip     orbit-root/               vmware-root/
fileNEelW2         orbit-schaefer/           vmware-schaefer/
fileaVYCCS         samba/                    zsh30810unzip1
filemmnASt         scrollkeeper-tempfile.0*  zsh31261unzip1
kde-schaefer/      scrollkeeper-tempfile.1*
ksocket-schaefer/  ssh-vmCQ7238/
schaefer[514] unzip <TAB>
No matches for `zip file'

(Well, that's obviously wrong -- there's a .zip file right there.  I try
it with "zsh -f" and it works.  OK, start deleting my zstyles, one by
one ... a few commands later ...)

schaefer[516] zstyle -d ':completion:*' file-sort modification
schaefer[517] unzip -<TAB>
Completing option
-C   -- match filenames case-insensitively
(etc. etc.)
schaefer[517] unzip <TAB>
Completing zip file
editor_1.5.zip     orbit-root/        ssh-vmCQ7238/                       
kde-schaefer/      orbit-schaefer/    vmware-root/                        
ksocket-schaefer/  samba/             vmware-schaefer/

Here's a snippet from the _complete_debug output:

: _path_files:126:then else for elif-then; tmp2=( '(#i)*.(zip|[ejw]ar)(om#q-.)' )

See where the "om" has been inserted?  Bad, very bad.  However, that does
not explain why completing options doesn't work, does it?  Or does it?

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