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Re: Bug#246305: zsh: completion for sudo doesn't add commands under root's path

> That wouldn't work on my system here. It looks like there is a
> "SECURE_PATH" compile option to sudo which needs to be enabled before it
> uses a different path:
> % PATH=/usr/bin sudo printenv PATH
> /usr/bin

So probably the only reasonable thing to do is to default to current
PATH and I can put the appropriate overriding zstyle in the global zshrc
of the Debian package, or at least a note about it.

> Out of interest, is there any way to run a process detached from the tty?
> (the above sometimes prompts for a password.)

sudo setsid sleep 600
do what you mean?

> If you use a style, give it a generic sounding name then. Perhaps it
> could be looked up from _command_names instead of _sudo. Keep in mind
> that people might want to do things like add to the existing path or
> remove `.'.

So... it should be eval'd?

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