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zcalc bug

I found another confusing bug the following way when i used zcalc:
This is with a huge history-file of over 40000 entries which may be
very well related to the bug.

I called zcalc that way: (locale is enabled in zsh!)
`LANG=en_US LC_ALL=en_US zcalc'.

First, the result of the multiplication (2.8*16.0 =>44,8) had a `,' in it
which i didn't understand as i thought there would be a point in the output
when using `LC_ALL=en_US'.

I got the expected _point_ only with LC_ALL=C.

Second, after I returned to zsh my history-number-prompt had a total
wrong number with about 81000 entries in it, as it seemed looking at
the history-number-prompt.
My right prompt was not the way it was before, too. This happens when
there are lots and lots of entries in the path-part of the prompt which
then "confuses" my cvs-zsh.

my PS1 prompt is:

[%{^[[01m%}%{^[[32m%}%~%{^[[0m%}] %{^[[01m%}%{^[[0m%}TTY:%{^[[32m%}%l%{^[[0m%}__hist:%h%{^[[0m%}__%D{%d.%m.%y} %{^[[0m%}%{^[[01m%}%{^[[1m^[[41m%} %?
%{^[[01m%}%{^[[33m%}%v%{^[[0m%}%#%B %{^[[0m%}

my RPS1 is %T %{^[[1;34m%}`ipa`%{^[[m%}
where ipa shows my ip-address.


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