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Re: PATCH: re-expand the prompt automatically

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> Bart Schaefer wrote:
> > (It would seem that, with this patch, "zle -I" can be used instead of 
> > reset-prompt.
> That's not quite true.  zle -I invalidates the display, redrawing the 
> prompt below.  [...] zle reset-prompt reexpands the prompt on the 
> current line.

Aha.  I hadn't caught that distinction.

> > Further, it seems odd to make reset-prompt a built-in 
> > widget rather than a zle option.)
> I don't understand that.  How would the option know when to reexpand the
> prompt?

In part this suggestion came from my misinterpretation of reset-prompt (by
the way, the ChangeLog calls it "prompt-reset".)  However:

> Are you suggesting it be tied to zle -R or zle redisplay or both?

Neither ...  Put to it, I don't think "redisplay" should have been a 
built-in widget either, except that for historic reasons it had to be.  
I'm suggesting that built-in widgets should always act on the editor 
buffer (on either the contents or the position of the mark or the cursor) 
whereas zle options -- or special commands like compadd -- should act on 
the editing engine itself (widgets, keymaps, prompts and displays).

My criteria would best be described by the question, "Would it ever make 
sense to use any of the zle -A, -C, -D, or -N options to supercede or 
remove this action?"  If the answer is yes, it should be a widget; if no, 
then either a zle option or a separate command.

I recognize that the line is pretty fuzzy, and now I see that reset-prompt 
is a lot deeper in the fuzz than I originally thought.

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