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Re: Bug#262247: zsh: Improved make completion

* Clint Adams <schizo@xxxxxxxxxx> [2004-07-30 11:30-0400]
> > Attached is a Perl script that can be used as a replacement of the
> > Perl script appearing in the make completion code (_make) to follow
> > include statements in Makefiles.
> You mean it should replace the expression
> '@matches = /^(?:([a-zA-Z0-9]+[^\/\t=\s]+)\s*)+:/  and
>         print join(" ", @matches);
> if (/^\.include\s+\<bsd\.port\.(subdir\.|pre\.)?mk>/ ||
>     /^\.include\s+\".*mk\/bsd\.pkg\.(subdir\.)?mk\"/) {
>     print "fetch fetch-list extract patch configure build install reinstall dein
> stall package describe checkpatch checksum makesum\n";
>     }
> '
> in _make?

Yes, it basically does the same, but follows include statements. It
doesn't work for something like "include $(MYFILE)", but works for
"include myfile" — resolving variable seemed complex.

> Maybe the perl and awk bits should be replaced by some native Z-Shell parsing.

I agree, but that sounds complex to do. :-)



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