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Re: zsh-4.2.1: LINENO lost in evals


the behaviour of LINENO-behavior may be similiar to perl in some curcumstances. Script

#! /bin/ksh

print $LINENO
eval 'print $LINENO'

used with a real ksh on AIX or Solaris always prints the correct LINENO. The behaviour of zsh is incompatible to ksh, even though in "emulate ksh"-mode.

Kind Regards,

Dieter Lambrecht

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                      09/01/2004 05:10                                                                                                                          
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On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> "Dieter Lambrecht" wrote:
> >#! /bin/zsh -x
> (There must be a set -x or setopt xtrace lurking somewhere.)

Welcome back, Peter. :-)

> It's not actually lost, it's showing you the line in the eval.  That's
> a feature (compare error messages from Perl evals, which is where we
> pinched the output format from).

The thing is, Perl has two kinds of "eval":

schaefer[676] perl <<\EOF
print __LINE__."\n";
eval 'print __LINE__."\n"';
eval { print __LINE__."\n"; };

The kind in braces, which gets precompiled, behaves differently than the
 kind in quotes.  Zsh only has the kind in quotes.


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