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Re: zsh exits after delete-char-or-list and two ^Cs

On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> It looks like it would be more sensible to have the test for whether a
> zle widget is callable separate from the return status for zle -I.

What about zle -R ?

I think (but haven't applied it yet) that with this patch we have

  zle && echo "widgets callable"	# I'm least certain of this
  zle -I && echo "Display invalidated and widgets callable"
  zle -R && echo "Display refreshed and zle active"

Is that right?

This covers all bases, assuming it's harmless to call zle -R even when you 
don't really care whether the display is refreshed.  Unless one might need
to know that the display has been invalidated even when widgets are not
callable?  I'm having a hard time coming up with that.

> However, it's a bit late now.

Well, no, not really -- if in fact "zle" with no arguments does correctly 
mean "widgets callable", then "zle -I" could continue as "zle active".
Perhaps this was all a documentation problem to begin with.

Sorry to nit-pick, but:

> Index: Doc/Zsh/zle.yo
> ===================================================================
> +The returned status is zero if a zle widget can be called immediately.
> +Note this is independent of whether the display has been invalidated.
> +For example, if a completion widget is active a zle widget cannot be used
> +and the status is one even if the display was invalidated; on the other
> +hand, the status may be zero if the display was invalidated by a previous
> +call to `tt(zle -I)'.

Isn't it more accurate to say "the status may be nonzero even if the 
display was invalidated by a previous call"?  With the rest of the patch 
as it stands, the status is never zero when completion widgets are active, 
even when the display was previously invalidated -- but the above seems to 
imply that the status might be zero in that event.

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