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Re: PATCH: exit after 10 EOF's

Hi Guys,

My own feelings are that this...

However, because no one ever intended for 10 consecutive EOF _characters_ to be treated as a real EOF -- rather, they intended 10 consecutive zero- byte reads to be treated as _not_ an EOF character, and nobody ever typed 10 EOF characters on purpose -- zsh does _not_ have to play dumb and exit
on 10 EOF characters.

... while it may have been historically true, isn't any more. I quite often have to use a shared account where the shell is set to tcsh, and ignoreeof is turned on. It annoys me greatly, but as it is a shared account I have limited power to change things. I have held down control-D on purpose and watched a whole stream of warnings scroll up the screen rather than give in and type "exit" or "logout" - tcsh eventually gets the message and exits.

This is why I feel that Peter's patch isn't a bad thing. As for default vs configured behaviour wrt widgets and such, I'd agree that if you've set ignoreeof and you've got a special binding on <whatever EOF is set to>, then you probably want to be able to hit it 10 times in a row without the shell exiting.

But in the absence of any special binding I don't see what's wrong with giving in and exiting after <some number> of the standard ignoreeof warnings have been printed.

I believe that tcsh (30 warnings?), bash (10) and ksh (10) all do this, and they all have the same ability to detect an EOF character separately from an EOF condition.



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